ASQA copyright warning
Wed, Sep 24 2014

“Section SN20.1 of ASQA regulations states that an RTO in breach of copyright laws “may result in ASQA imposing sanction on an RTO or the cancellation of an RTO’s registration.”

Easy Guides is dealing with a second breach of its copyright in six months. As the above statement shows, a registered training organisation (RTO) can lose its registration for breaching copyright.

Unfortunately, Easy Guides Australia has had a number of copyright breaches over the years. From experience we can say that the only people who really benefit when this happens are the lawyers. A huge amount of time can be lost by both the company infringing our copyright and Easy Guides.

Note: Easy Guides does provide some copyright free materials to the purchaser. Materials on our Trainer’s Resource CDs are fully editable MS Word docs, which allow the purchaser to tailor the resources to their customers needs. The purchaser’s logo can be added and the materials edited for particular industries and worksites.