SkillsDMC Assessment Requirements Review
Tue, Oct 7 2014

Skills DMC Assessment Requirements review

Note: The following changes should not affect the use of Easy Guides training materials. The units of competency are not being reviewed, only the assessment requirements. Minor edits to some MS Word documents may be necessary.

Late last year the SkillsDMC updated the RII09 Training Package to the RII Training Package. There are 786 units in this training package. Changes in the new Package include having two separate documents to cover the unit of competency and the assessment requirements.

Paul Humphries of SkillsDMC has conducted workshops in every state and territory to gain feedback on the assessment requirements of the updated Training Package. Fortunately the units of competency are not expected to change although minor changes are expected in documents such as the Assessment Requirements and Range Statement.

Two members of Easy Guides Australia attended the Melbourne feedback session. Nothing is set in concrete until all of the feedback has been collated. One of the significant changes that may be likely is the change to the wording of the Performance Evidence. The wording, “...consistence of performance can be applied over time...” is likely to be dropped. This may be changed to, “...on more than one occasion...”. The ‘more than one occasion’ could be on the same day or longer period. This change will make it easier for registered training organisations (RTOs) to meet this requirement. Another issue which promoted much discussion was the need for an assessor to have 3 or 5 years experience (depending on the industry) in the industry sector of the unit delivered or in an industry sector relevant to the outcomes of the unit. It does not matter if the experience was gained 5 or 10 years earlier so long as the assessor has maintained current competency. Although it may be difficult for some assessors to meet this requirement, co-assessment or a partnership arrangement with a qualified assessor may also be possible.

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